Where did that Blizzard come from?

68861693 - bucharest, romania, january 25, 2016: cars are passing on a snowy road during a blizzard in bucharest.

Today, February 9th, 2017, the Northeastern states were hit with a pretty big blizzard. So big that the New York City Mayor took to twitter to say:

CNN Reported:

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh said the city’s public school system would be shut Thursday, and he urged people to be “looking out for your elderly neighbors, disabled neighbors, neighbors who might not be able to help themselves.” Boston has 125 public schools attended by about 56,000 students.

The School District of Philadelphia, which has 134,041 students, is also closed for the day.

Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy said state colleges and courts would be closed. “This is a serious challenge when you talk about 8-14 inches” of snow, he said.

Several colleges in the Northeast including all City University of New York (CUNY) colleges, Rutgers in New Jersey and MIT in Massachusetts are closed Thursday.

66195108 - snowstorm in central park with midtown skyscrapers. new york city

Just yesterday, New Yorkers were walking around in t-shirts and I bet they weren’t prepared to break out their winter boots!

More than 60 million people will be dealing with the wintry weather, said CNN meteorologist Pedram Javaheri.

Winter storm warnings are in effect stretching from Pennsylvania, through parts of New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts as well as the New England states.

How many of those people do you think prepared for this to happen?

Few can deny the common sense behind preparing for something that is definitely going to happen, yet every year, an impending winter storm sends people rushing out to the store at the last minute, prepping for a blizzard that is due to hit in mere hours. Every winter, if you live in certain climates, blizzards are going to occur. Usually, at least one storm will hit that will cause you to be snowed in. Often, those storms mean you will also lose power. There is the inevitable rush to the store for milk and bread, during which people battle it out for the last supplies left on the shelves.

But you can avoid all that. You don’t have to be a bunker-dwelling, MRE-chomping, camo-clad prepper to see the logic behind keeping some extra food and other supplies on hand for something that happens every single year.

Everyone knows that clean drinking water is something you can’t live without. In the event of a blizzard and power outage, the water may not run from the taps.  The pipes could freeze, or, in the event of grid failure, an electrically driven pump will not work.

“I’ll just eat snow.” No, this is a horrible idea. First of all, snow is mostly air, and you’d have to eat 20 quarts of it to equal 2 quarts of water. Secondly, if you eat that much snow you will lower your core temperature and put yourself at risk for hypothermia. If you already don’t have water, you have enough problems. You don’t need hypothermia.

Heaven’s Harvest can provide you with water bricks that are easy to store or if you really want to be prepared for anything you can look into the 50-gallon water storage tank, which is great if you have a big family! If the pipes were to freeze these water storage containers can keep your mind at ease!


Each family should store a two week supply of water. The rule of thumb for drinking water is 1 gallon per day, per person.  Don’t forget to stock water for your pets, also.

Enough with the milk and bread already. Do you even consume milk and bread on a regular basis? This is really not the food you want to propel you through shoveling a driveway 17 times until the plow goes past, at which point you shovel it again.

Storing food can save your life when mother nature decides to switch things up! But it’s all about storing the right food! Obviously start with food you like, but remember it has to last in case a disaster doesn’t happen tomorrow! Fingers crossed it doesn’t, but you never know…

Heaven’s Harvest has tons of long term food options! We pride ourselves in having some of the best survival food in the United States! Each food variety is sealed individually in Mylar pouches inside of a 4-gallon stackable bucket with handles for convenient storage or transportation in an emergency situation!

The one great thing about this food is, it doesn’t taste like cardboard! Why not have something in the house you genuinely like to eat that will last 25 years! All of this food is Non-GMO and made in the USA!

What’s not to love!

Counting calories isn’t something we only do when we want to lose weight either! Making sure you have enough calories and nutrition is SO important during a survival situation. When you’re snowed in during a blizzard the last thing you should do it drive. Having good food stored away is like saving money for a rainy day.

Survival food is no joke, and if you’re thinking about buying it you’ve probably done your research. I won’t lie, there are companies out there trying to sell 3-month Survival Food Kits, but what they don’t tell you is that 3-month food kit may only last you 1 month when you factor in the calories you need to survive. Or they try to fill you up with drink mixes, but that won’t give you the nutrition you need to survive.


For one day you need about 1,600 to 2,000 calories to survive. That means for one month, 30 days, you need 48,000 to 60,000 calories, per person!

In the Heaven’s Harvest 1 Month combo survival kit you’re stocked with 48,480 Calories! This kit includes 104 Breakfast Servings, 72 Entree Servings, and 132 Protein Servings! That’s much more than most, and it tastes good too!

If you’re in the Northeastern United States today, take a look in your pantry and see how long you can survive? If this storm happened to last longer than a few days and you couldn’t get to a grocery store, would you and your family be okay? Take some time out of your snow day and check out everything Heaven’s Harvest has to offer!