Heirloom seeds are seeds of the highest quality; non-hybrid, non-gmo, simply created by nature. Non-gmo seeds are not genetically modified in any way. Planting heirloom seeds in your garden will allow you to produce an astonishing yield. Your heirloom garden will continue to produce as long as it is cared for. We have a large selections of heirloom seeds such as Asparagus, Roma Tomatoes, Sugar Baby Watermelon, Broccoli, Eggplant, and many more. We traveled across America, spoke with farmers and gardeners, did research on gardening and best practices to find the best gardening seeds.

Our heirloom seed packets contain more seeds for those brown thumbs. More seed equals more bounty. Our Heirloom Vegetable Seed Kit contains 38 different varieties of hand-selected non-hybrid, non-gmo, seeds. We use high grade Mylar bags to store our seed. Mylar reflects heat and light, so it is perfect for keeping your seeds fresh. Sealed inside the Mylar bags our heirloom seeds have a 10 year shelf life.

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