Jun 02 , 2023

6 Best Emergency Survival Food Kits in 2023

Emergency preparedness is a topic that often goes unnoticed or overlooked in everyday conversation. However, its importance becomes evident when faced with the need to survive a calamity. Our surroundings and weather conditions can change unexpectedly, especially for those residing in disaster-prone areas prone to floods, tornadoes, locust swarms, and more. Therefore, emergency preparedness becomes a crucial aspect of our lives. While we typically remember to stock up on items like flashlights, batteries, candles, and matches, it is essential not to overlook the most crucial element—food.

While canned beans, fish batches, or trail mix might suffice for a few days, they fall short of meeting our long-term survival needs. To truly thrive and survive during a crisis, we require better options for our emergency survival food kit. Protein kits, fruit and vegetable kits, and more can provide us with the necessary sustenance. Considering everything, we have developed emergency food kits specifically designed for families. These kits provide nourishment without the need for refrigeration. We at Heaven Harvest are committed to delivering the best emergency food options to ensure families stay safe and well-fed during times of crisis.

Let's explore some of the food survival kits that we have to offer -

  • Weekly Kits: When seeking an emergency survival food kit that is both nutritious and affordable, weekly kits are an ideal choice. Depending on our family size and the duration of our emergency preparedness plan, we can opt for a one-week kit or a three-week kit. We offer a range of emergency supply food kits, including one-week, three-week, six-week, and twelve-week periods.

  • We highly recommend Heaven Harvest's one-week kit. With 60 servings, this kit ensures an entire week's sustenance without requiring refrigeration. It not only provides affordability but also packs a punch when it comes to nutrients. This kit caters to everyone, including the kids, who love this kit because it includes protein, cereal, pasta, mac 'n cheese (a kid's favorite), and a delightful beverage. The other kits offer the same variety of items but in larger quantities.

  • Protein Kit: Recognizing the significance of protein in our diet, It is important to prioritize stocking up on protein kits when preparing for emergencies. These survival food kits offer our bodies nourishing and dense food options and snacks, allowing us to avoid falling ill during calamities and instead, thrive. Once again, Heaven’s Harvest provides the best protein kits for families. The options include a 132 serving protein booster kit, a 6-pack protein booster kit, a 3-pack protein booster kit, and a 12-pack protein booster  kit. All these kits comprise ground beef, dried chicken, and powdered eggs.

  • Organic Kit: An organic kit is among the top choices for survival kits, offering a range of organic items from dried pineapple chipotle chili to oatmeal. The organic kits by Heaven’s Harvest are available in four packs, containing organic oatmeal, organic pasta primavera, cheddar broccoli soup, and pineapple chipotle chili. The options include a 62-serving organic kit, a 3-pack organic kit, a 6-pack organic kit, and a 12-pack organic kit.

  • Breakfast Kit: The breakfast kit is one of the most loved emergency kits for emergency preparedness, with an ample and diverse selection of breakfast options. The Heaven’s Harvest breakfast kit includes multi-grain cereal, granola, pancake mix, non-fat dry milk, and brown sugar oatmeal. To create a balanced and healthy breakfast, pair the breakfast kit with a protein mix or entrée kit from Heaven Harvest. The breakfast kit is available in four options: a 104-serving breakfast kit, a 3 pack breakfast kit, a 6 pack breakfast kit, and a 12 pack breakfast kit.

  • Fruit and Vegetable Kit: Besides protein, incorporating fruits and vegetables into our emergency food supply is crucial for a well-rounded and balanced meal. Fruits serve as delicious snacks and contribute to building immunity, which is essential during a crisis. Heaven’s Harvest offers the perfect fruit and vegetable kit, allowing us to stock up during emergencies. This kit includes apples, bananas, pineapple, corn, and diced potatoes. Pairing it with an entrée or protein kit ensures a balanced diet. The fruit and vegetable kit has four options: a 170-serving kit, a 3-pack, a 6-pack, and a 12-pack fruit & vegetable kit.

  • Entree Kit: Heaven Harvest's entrée kit provides nutritious and delectable main course options that help create perfectly balanced meals. Combining it with protein, breakfast, fruits, and vegetables allows us to design a daily meal plan that meets our dietary needs. The entrée kit comes in a 72 serving entree kit, as well as 3-pack, 12-pack, and 6-pack options. 

  • Some of the mouthwatering entrées included are - 

    • Stroganoff
    • Mac 'n Cheese
    • Teriyaki Rice
    • Pasta Alfredo
    • Loaded Baked Potato Casserole
    • Pasta Primavera
    • Chili Mac 
    • Enchilada Beans & Rice
    • Cheesy Potato Soup
    • Cheesy Lasagna
    • Cheddar Broccoli Soup
    • Chicken & Rice Soup

    Considering the number of people we are preparing for and the duration of our emergency plan, we can select the appropriate emergency survival food kits. It is crucial to choose emergency food with a long shelf life that does not spoil quickly. Opting for food that does not require refrigeration is particularly advantageous since electricity tends to be one of the first services affected during crises. Therefore, Heaven Harvest's emergency kits stand as the ideal choice.

    In conclusion, emergency preparedness should include a comprehensive food supply that caters to the nutritional needs of our families. Heaven’s Harvest offers a diverse range of survival food kits, including weekly kits, protein kits, organic kits, breakfast kits, fruit and vegetable kits, and entrée kits. These kits provide nourishing, delicious, and long-lasting food options, ensuring our safety and well-being during challenging times. By stocking up on Heaven’s Harvest emergency food kits, we can face emergencies confidently, knowing that our families will be safe and well-fed.