Jul 13 , 2023

Essential Emergency Supplies Every Home Should Have

In July 2023, the floods in India killed thousands of people. It destroyed their home, and people struggled for food, water, and electricity for days. This is the perfect example of why we should prepare for emergencies. When heavy rains hit, floods can be the result. When a hurricane hits a country, it brings heavy winds and rain, which can cause buildings to collapse. All this means we might have to take shelter in our homes or other safe areas for days. Also, natural disasters can bring injuries to the fold. All this makes having an emergency survival kit necessary, from having an emergency food survival kit to having extra blankets, batteries, flashlights, etc. We have compiled a list of everything you need to prepare for disasters. Have a look below and start preparing to weather the storm.


The first thing we should stock up on is water. During heavy storms, the water supply is disturbed, and going to the supermarket to buy water is out of the question. Clean drinking water is more essential than food. Therefore, we must ensure we stock up on water—at least one gallon per person for three days.

Emergency food

The best survival food in the USA includes non-perishable items. For instance, nuts, energy bars, canned food, and more. We buy emergency survival food kits from Heaven Harvest. They have protein kits, organic kits, breakfast kits, and more. All these items do not require refrigeration, which is a bonus because electricity is the first to go out when disaster hits. Moreover, we should stock up on emergency food items that are easy to cook, do not require much effort, and can last for years.

First-aid kit

It is a must for all living in disaster-prone areas. After and during the disaster, getting injured is common. It can vary dramatically; anything can happen, from superficial to deep cuts. Therefore, it is necessary to stock up on our first-aid kit. Read guidelines about what we might need to keep our family safe and healthy.

A backpack

We always keep a backpack with protein bars, water, a first-aid kit, flashlights, and batteries. This is handy when the situation calls for evacuating the building or apartment. We can prepare a backpack for a day, two, or three days, depending on the severity of disasters in our region. Having essential items with us helps ensure we can travel to a safer place.


Whether rain, storms, or heavy winds, electricity is the first thing to go out. We may survive during the day without light, but we cannot survive at night. We need light to ensure no one gets hurt or to find food and other stuff. Also, in case evacuation is needed, flashlights are essential to navigate the dark. Therefore, store flashlights of high-grade quality.

A multi-tool kit

A multi-tool kit is necessary in case we have to turn off some utilities. They are also helpful in keeping us safe and sound. The best multi-tool kit includes brands like Leathermen Wave +, Supertool 300 +, and Signal. The last one also includes a fire starter and a whistle, which can be useful during a disaster.

Supplies for the pet

We have a pet dog and ensure to stock up on his food, toys, and other items. Our emergency backpack has small dog food packets and a favorite toy to comfort him.


Having a whistle is so important. If we ever get stranded during a heavy storm, we can use it to call the search and rescue team for help.

Depending on the region our home is in, we can be subjected to heavy rains, landslides, wildfires, floods, or even a tornado. In any case, being prepared for the same is necessary. We should stock up on the best food for emergency survival, safety kits, extra blankets, and more. Use the above list as a guideline and be informed. Also, read the government's guidelines, as they can help us prepare better for thriving and surviving during a tragedy.