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Storing fruits for food emergencies and shortage can be difficult. Keeping them fresh and worth eating is not possible after long periods. This bundle is packed with crisp dehydrated edible fruits that are bound to satisfy every sweet tooth. With no added or processed sugar, these fruits are healthy to consume.

Why should you buy this product?

Storing fruits for food emergencies and shortage can be difficult. Keeping them fresh and worth eating is not possible after long periods. This bundle is packed with crisp dehydrated edible fruits that are bound to satisfy every sweet tooth. With no added or processed sugar, these fruits are healthy to consume.

Moreover, there is no lengthy process for eating the delicious treats. Either open the can and discard the oxygen absorber to eat right away. The other way is to rehydrate by covering with water, soak the fruit until it is soft, then drain the water and serve however you wish. Remember to keep the edible item sealed and stored in the can or another container to preserve them well. All edibles will be good for as long as 2 weeks after opening.

This Fruit Bundle Kit is packed with 110 delicious servings, with a total of 25 year shelf-life, except for bananas, which have a 10 year shelf-life.

Detailed List of Servings in the Fruit Bundle, #10 Cans Kit

  • 20 servings of dehydrated apple chips
  • 28 servings of freeze-dried whole blueberries
  • 22 servings of freeze-dried raspberries
  • 22 servings of freeze-dried banana chips
  • 18 servings of freeze-dried sliced strawberries

Further Product Details:

  • 25 year Shelf-Life; bananas carry a 10 year shelf-life
  • Made in the USA
  • Gluten Free
  • No Added Sugar
  • Quick and Simple Meals
  • Once opened; food will last approximately 2 weeks

How the Fruit Bundle can help in emergency situations

According to, there are a couple of emergencies regarding food safety that one should keep in mind. A couple of them are described as below:

  • Power Loss: The cooling becomes unsafe and unreliable whenever there is a power loss. In turn, the food quality
  • Flood Water: Flood water can be infected with all sorts of germs, so it’s essential to keep the food supply as protected as possible.
  • Snowstorm: Refrain from using water from melted snow for freezing. Its unhygienic elements can make your food not worth eating.

How does Heaven's Harvest's Fruit Bundle kit make your life more convenient? For one, the cans are durable and secondly, it's very easy to store. These features make it an ideal pick for the above cited weather conditions or any other emergency event that might require food transportation from one place to another.

With no need for refrigeration or heating, the process to consume the food is also straightforward. Cooling the products isn't a requirement to eat and enjoy the delicious fruits. Every serving is free of chemicals or processed components, making it a healthy choice for anyone.

It's important to note that personal and national disasters can also result in the need for storing fruit.

What problems lead to food shortages?

Apart from weather conditions, economic drawbacks or situations in the United States can lead to food shortages. In addition to that, basic utilities can sometimes be quite expensive. Food insecurity can happen because of the following reasons:

  • Not enough harvest due to poor weather conditions.
  • Demand increases in contrast to supply.
  • Supply chain getting disturbed which can cause shortages.

Adding to the above, the global pandemic made things worse for many Americans. In 2021, around 33.8 million people faced food insecurity, according to the USDA. Therefore, planning for food storage derived as a result.

How to start your own food storage

The main concern when it comes to food storage is the proper packaging of meals. Another consideration is the serving size, and you would also need to look out for the following when buying food on your own:

  • A good balance between quantity and quality
  • Foods that don’t require too much cooking
  • Long shelf life that lasts for months or years
  • Checking expiration dates before buying anything
  • Checking the ingredients to avoid processed ingredients and harmful chemicals
  • Looking for food storage deals on discounts.

To make things simple, subscribe to Heaven Harvest’s club instead of going for food storage on your own. Buying a multi-serving fruit bucket like this one would cut down the cost of looking for and spending too much on fruits at the store.


Be prepared for the worst by buying food buckets and bundles

All food bundles are prepared with ultimate care at Heaven's Harvest. Keeping in mind the food shortage and emergencies in the US, all combos are free of allergens and made according to the American diet.

We use the freeze-drying method which allows our food to have a long shelf life. This also means that our edible items can be kept at room temperature. The fruit bucket is ideal for getting nutrients without the need for adding sugar, ingredients, or any other filler.

Looking for food buckets other than fruits? Check out our monthly packages like the 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month food combo food kits.

  • Made in USA
  • GMP

Heaven's Harvest products typically ship within 1-3 business days. You will receive an email with tracking information when it ships. Courier Options include USPS Priority Mail and UPS Ground; if expedited shipping is required, please call 1-800-516-4773. Standard delivery transit time is 3-7 business days. If shipping outside of the continental United States, please call us at 1-800-516-4773. All duties/taxes/import fees are the customer's responsibility. ***To our Dear Canadian Customers, much to our chagrin, we cannot control the costs of international shipments. Any duties, fees, or taxes required upon pick-up of your order are the customers' responsibility.

***Free Shipping, for orders totaling $750 or more, does not include Alaska and Hawaii due to the high cost of shipping to these locations. Please call if you have any questions.

Why does Heaven’s Harvest stand out from other Survival Food Companies? Because it all comes down to the contents of the kit! Heaven’s Harvest food and seed kits provide you with what you need for long haul - No juice or drink mixes and no bags of rice or beans to weight it down. The vegetables we buy today are grown with genetically modified or hybrid seeds. Hybrid vegetable seeds will only produce one satisfactory crop. Don’t take our word for it, make the comparison! Simply take a look at the contents of our kits and you will be pleasantly surprised by the food variety and serving sizes. We are dedicated to supplying Americans with the highest quality products to ensure survival in a crisis.

How to prepare our meals:

On average, each specific serving requires approximately 1 cup of water.

Using hot water speeds up the reconstitution process, but it is not required. Heaven's Harvest foods can be prepared with any temperature of water, but will re-hydrate sooner with hot water - approximately 15 minutes.

Simply open the pouch of food, remove the oxygen absorber, add water, allow time to re-hydrate and serve.

Specific instructions can be found on the back of each pouch.

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