Aug 14 , 2023

Staying Safe During Severe Weather: Tips for Home and Family

The summer season is known for severe weather conditions, especially in 2023. This year, many countries have seen severe floods, disrupting thousands of lives and properties. Unfortunately, no one can control natural disasters or severe weather conditions. Even though predictions came days ago, the destruction is always beyond our imagination. The good news is that we can survive these disasters and extreme weather conditions. Irrespective of whether it is floods, tornadoes, or landslides, being prepared and cautious for our safety can help us survive. Preparation for surviving such extreme weather includes having an emergency survival food kit, a first-aid kit with more than just basic medicines and bandages, and a few more things that might come in handy. So, how do we keep our family and ourselves safe from severe weather conditions? The following tips may help:

Make a disaster plan and practice it, too

We live in a disaster-prone area and, therefore, always have a detailed plan to survive the same. It helps our family stay safe, even if there is an evacuation. Everyone should have a disaster plan, and it should include details such as:

  • Where to take shelter when necessary
  • An emergency evacuation route
  • Being privy to emergency warnings and alerts
  • Family communication
  • Other things to remember when creating a plan are:
  • Signing up for weather alerts in the area
  • Have emergency numbers on the phone.
  • Knowing alternative routes to and from our home was necessary for us. It helped us when the normal route was blocked.
  • Teach all the family members to shut off electric, water, and gas lines.
  • Have a pet name tag to ensure their safety.

Cover up

When tornadoes or heavy rains hit us, flying debris is the biggest contributor to damage. Therefore, we need to cover ourselves using any means necessary. It can be blankets, pillows, helmets, coats, etc. It will protect our body and especially our head, which is necessary to shield ourselves from severe injuries.

Prepare food for emergency survival

Food is necessary, and we get cut off from the natural supply during severe storms or other issues. Going to the supermarket is challenging due to flooding, strong winds, or a heatwave. When the warning signs start coming in or information gets out about severe weather conditions, people panic. Thus, we prefer to stock up on emergency survival food kits for at least a few months. It ensures everyone is fed properly and even has extra for neighbors or people in need. When buying emergency food survival supplies, ensure you buy non-perishable food items and ones that don’t need much refrigeration. Electricity goes out first, and food requiring refrigeration will perish. Always buy balanced emergency survival food kits, like a protein kit or breakfast kit from Heaven Harvest, to create a nutritious meal.

Listen to officials

We listen to local officials when it comes to being safe during severe weather conditions. They have information regarding the severity of the issues and when evacuating is necessary. Therefore, we sign up for alerts from national and local organizations to get all the details we need regarding heavy storms or upcoming landslides.

Prepare for extended power outages

When the weather worsens, electricity is the first thing to go out. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for such scenarios. A few hours without electricity is okay. But in severe cases, electricity goes out for several days or weeks. In such cases, having a few things like spare batteries, flashlights, non-perishable food, a handheld fan, blankets for severe colds, and more. Even investing in a generator is a good idea. It will be expensive, but we believe it can help you stay safe for at least a few hours or even a day or two.

Protection of the house from strong winds

Our house is the first line of defense we have. Heavy winds can damage our house well beyond repair. Therefore, protecting the house is also the first step to protecting ourselves. Try these tips:

  • Ensure your vehicles are safe in a garage. If there is flooding, ensure they are on higher ground.
  • Put all the patio furniture, garbage cans, grills, and other objects outside in the garage and lock them properly. Otherwise, strong winds can destroy or make them fly, which invites injuries.
  • Remove or trim risky tree branches to ensure they do not break glasses or cause injuries.

Staying informed and vigilant and preparing our home to survive any storm can help us be safe during severe weather. For people living in storm-prone areas, the best tip to stay on top of their safety is to prepare the house long before the warnings start. When the season starts, prep the windows and garage doors and stock up on food, among other things, to keep everyone safe.